Bluebird House Plans

May 17, 2012

bluebird house plans Bluebird House Plans

Watch our 3D model bluebird house plans video! The video rotates through different angles while we explain to you the basics of building this bluebird house. Below the video you will find a list of basic supplies needed in order to complete this bird house.

If you have any questions regarding the building of this bluebird house, please leave your comments below. Stay tuned to our video of us actually building this bluebird house.

Bluebird House Plans

Materials Needed

1 – 3/4 thick wood
2 – Screws or nails
3 – Protractor
4 – Measuring Tape
5 – Saw
6 – Hammer or Screwdriver or drill
7 – 1 1/2″ drill bit

2D Prints of Bluebird House Plans:

bluebird house plans Bluebird House Plans

2d bluebird house plan Bluebird House Plans

3d bluebird house Bluebird House Plans

bluebird Bluebird House Plans

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