Cardinal Bird House Plans

May 30, 2012

Looking for the best cardinal bird house plans? Many previous bird enthusiasts have created amazing bird houses for these birds and have found very little success.


cardinal bird house plans Cardinal Bird House Plans

Because cardinals are open nesters and like to create their nests on tree branches, in bushes or shrubs, or in the thick of vines. No matter how great your cardinal bird house plans are the cardinals will almost certainly choose a tree or a bush before even looking at your masterpiece of a bird house.

Mother natural makes the best cardinal bird houses.

How to Attract Cardinals to Your Yard

Cardinals are not shy in number. In fact they continue to grow in population and are one of the most common backyard birds. In fact highly populated areas seem to be the perfect home for cardinals and they have adapted well. Bird feeders are often their number 1 resource for food. Because of this a bird feeder placed in the yard is one of the best ways to attract cardinals.

Cardinal Bird House Plans: By Mother Nature

Since the cardinal bird house is not built out of 3/4 inch wood and has no fancy hole or anything how are they made. The cardinal bird house plans are generally cup shaped nests. These cup shaped nests are generally made out of pine straw, twigs, strips of bark and wood. These materials combined will create a nest on the fork of tree branches, in bushes, or hidden away in vines. Cardinals’ nests are located off of the ground by around 2 to 13 ft.

What Kind of Behavior To Expect From Cardinals

Cardinals are very protective of the area they live in or in other words they are very territorial. Some avid bird watchers would rather attract cardinals to their yard with a bird feeder rather than having them build a nest in the yard. Why? Because a pair of cardinals will chase off any other cardinals from coming into your yard.

If you want to catch the cardinal during feeding time, then go out in the early morning and early evening. These are always the best time to see them at your feeders. If you want to enjoy their beautiful singing, then you usually can hear them between feeding times.

When Do Cardinals Sing Their Songs?

Both the male and female cardinal will sing their songs all year long. This is one of the key reasons why the cardinal is so loved by bird watchers. In fact the cardinal is the state bird for more than just one state.

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