Sparrow Bird House Plans

June 11, 2012

We have created another 3D bird house plan just for you. On this page we have include our very own Sparrow Bird House Plans. We have created a video of these plans in order to help you better understand the bird house in a 3D view. We hope that you enjoy the plans and take pictures on your sparrow bird house once it is complete.

Sparrow Bird House Plans Video

Now that you have seen our sparrow bird house plans in a 3D view we want to insure that you have everything you need to start building this bird house. We know that not everyone can take their computer, ipad, or digital device with them to their wood shop in order to build the bird house. Because of this we have include some 2D drawings of our sparrow bird house plans. Please feel free to copy and print these 2D plans for your personal use.

Front 2D plan of the Bird House

sparrow bird house plans Sparrow Bird House Plans

Side of the Sparrow Bird House

sparrow bird house plan Sparrow Bird House Plans

Top of the Bird House

bird house plans for sparrows Sparrow Bird House Plans

Base 2D Bird House Plan Drawing

bottom of bird house sparrow 296x300 Sparrow Bird House Plans

Information About Sparrow Birds

Before you begin building this bird house for sparrows it is a good idea to learn a little bit more about sparrows. The better you understand these birds the more you will admire them.

Sparrows are very social. They enjoy other sparrows and try to nest together. Because of this you might want to build multiple sparrow houses.

Sparrows have similar nesting needs as other birds. In fact there are a few birds that will be able to use this bird house, so don’t be surprised if you find a different type of bird occupying your bird house. This bird house may be used by downy woodpeckers, sparrows, wrens, chickadees, nuthatches, and titmice.

Don’t be surprised to have the same set of sparrows nest in your bird house every year. Many times sparrows will use the same nest year after year.

Enjoy building this bird house. If you have any questions on how to exactly construct this house, please let us know by commenting below.

If you found this Bird House website helpful, please consider sharing it with your friends. We always enjoy reading your personal insight on birds. If you have any requests for specific bird houses, please leave it in the form below.

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  1. Shayaan on February 28, 2013 at 10:38 pm

    Hi. I’m making a birdhouse project for school and I’m gonna use the same idea as this one…… but I have a question, How the bird is gonna eat? Shouldn’t you put a rod outside so that they can stand on it? Are they gonna go inside to sleep or eat? Where to put the food? please answer as quickly as possible :)

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