Wren Bird House Plans

May 15, 2012

This is technically the first bird house I have built. Actually I didn’t built it all by myself. My cub scouts and I built it. We started by choosing from a couple of wren bird house plans. The plan worked well and was very easy to put together with my cub scouts. Below all the plans I have included pictures and descriptions of us actually building the bird house.

Wren Bird House Plans

Wren Bird House Plans in 2D

front of wren bird house Wren Bird House Plans

side of wren bird house Wren Bird House Plans

back of wren bird house Wren Bird House Plans

side 2 of wren bird house Wren Bird House Plans

bottom of wren bird house Wren Bird House Plans

top of wren bird house Wren Bird House Plans

How We Built Our Wren Bird House

  1. We started from ground one by choosing some plans.
  2. The next thing that we did was buy the necessary tools.
    1. Hammers
    2. Hand Saws
    3. Finish Nails
    4. Measuring Tapes
    5. Square
    6. Marking Pencil
    7. Clamps
  3. After we had all of our tools we used a basic park table to start building.

Pictures of Our Wren Bird Houses

wren bird house plan 4 Wren Bird House Plans

I decided to go the old fashioned way by using hand saws. My cub scouts are not at the level of skill or responsibility to use power tools. I wish they were though because it took a long time to make all the cuts and the cuts were all slanted which made assembly much harder.

wren bird house plan 2 Wren Bird House Plans

With each measurement we used a basic square to mark a straight line across our material. This is simple to do.

wren bird house plan 7 Wren Bird House Plans

We think that if we did this bird house again we would use screws. The nails worked but they didn’t keep it that tight.

wren bird house plan 8 Wren Bird House Plans

Here is the hinge door that is included in this plan. What the plan doesn’t tell you is that you need to leave about an half an inch space at the top of the hinge door or else it would hinge at all.

wren bird house plan 6 Wren Bird House Plans

Here is our completed wren bird house…well almost completed. We have yet to drill the hole for the entrance.

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